Mobile EHR App: How do I enter onset date in my iPad?


Using the Billing Onset Date on the EHR/EMR App

Billing Onset Date is a section on the Appointment Details pane of your EHR/EMR mobile application. It allows the entry of a patient's onset date of the following categories:

Onset Date Type:

  • Onset of Current Symptoms or Illness
  • Date of Accident
  • Last Menstrual Period

Other Date Type:

  • Initial Visit Date
  • Initial Treatment Date
  • Last Related Visit

Billing Onset Date is disabled by default. To enable Billing Onset Date, select 'Account' in your EHR/EMR app's navigation bar. Here, select the 'Appointment Detail View Settings' option.


In the Appointment Detail View Settings page, tap on the switch for 'Billing Onset Date' to the ON (green) position. 


Now, if you select an appointment from your schedule, you will be able to see the Billing Onset Date section in your patient's 'Appointment Detail' pane. Here, tap on the Onset Date Type/Other Date Type and their corresponding date fields to change the onset date as you see fit. These changes will automatically sync with your web EHR's appointments.

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