Mobile EHR App: How do I sign inbound faxes?

Copying and Signing Faxes to Your Patient's Chart

If an inbound fax arrives that either requires a signature or should be copied to the patient's documents, you may use the EHR/EMR application to sign inbound faxes and copy files to your patient documents. 

To begin, access the message center on your EHR/EMR application by selecting 'Messages' in your mobile app's navigation bar.


In your message center, find the fax that you would like to sign and select the 'Copy to Patient Record' button.


When you select 'Copy to Patient Record', you will be presented with the ability to select a patient, title the document, add document tags, and sign the document. To sign the fax, select 'Sign' to the right of the page.


Here, use the 'Move' tool to move the document to the position you would like to sign. After the desired position is in view, select 'Sign' to bring up the pen tool that you can use to sign the document. When you're done, select 'Save' and your signature will be added to the document. 


After you finish signing the document, fill out the rest of the form then select save. Your document will be saved to your patient's record. You can access your patient's record by selecting 'Patient History' on your patient's navigation menu.

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