Task Center: How do I assign a task to a group?

Assigning Tasks to a Group in the drchrono EHR

If your practice has a group of individuals that consistently receive the same tasks simultaneously, you may create a user group with that group. This feature is enabled or disabled during the drchrono Implementation/Training process and must be activated or deactivated (with no additional charge) by contacting our support staff at https://drchrono.com/help.

STEP 1: If you have the feature active, you will be able to add user groups through the 'Staff Member' management page. To access this page, mouse over 'Account' and select 'Staff Members'.



STEP 2: To add a user group, scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you have user groups activated, you will see a section titled 'User Groups'


STEP 3: To the right hand side of this section, select 'Add User Group' to create a group. A menu will appear that will ask you to select the users you would like in this group. You may select any number of providers and staff members to be in your group. When you are done, select the '+Create New User Group' button.


STEP 4: Once your user group is created, once you assign a new task, you will have the option to select your new group. When you select this group, your task will be assigned to all members of your group.



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