Template Builder: How do I customize my clinical notes?


Using the Template Builder: Customizing Your Clinical Notes

After you're done creating your template, think how you would like your clinical note to look like. The order of the clinical note sections does not need to mirror your templates, you can reorder the sections in the Complete Note Format editor (Clinical > Complete Note Format).

Now, begin by clicking on each field. This will bring up the 'Edit Field' box. 

To have the field generate text in your clinical note, type the text you would like to show up in the 'Generated Text' box. This text can draw upon information in the patient's chart and populate your notes with that information. 

Several variables can be used to pull information to the clinical note, indicated by a surrounding double bracket "{{variable_name}}". By clicking the available variables, the text associated with that variable will automatically be entered into the text box. This can be customized any way you like. The most common variable is the "Value" field, denoted by the text {{value}}. This draws upon the information that was entered in your charting template.

When you add information in the template, the clinical note will insert the values collected by the "Value" field into your clinical note.


In this example, the name of the referral was entered into the template, creating the following clinical note:

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