EPCS: Can I send multiple schedule II medications in a prescription?

Sending Multiple EPCS Medications in a Prescription

In the drchrono EHR, it is possible to send multiple EPCS prescriptions with a single Norton VIP Access code. In the 'New Prescription' page, simply select the '+' button in the upper right hand corner to add a new medication form to the list. As you would with any prescription, fill out the form with any combination of schedule II, III, IV, or V medications. For all schedule II drugs, verify that refills are filled in as '0' due to federal limitations on refilling controlled substances.


Afterwards select your patient's pharmacy and select 'Preview Prescription'. In the Prescription Summary page, for each controlled substance you will need to check the 'Ready to Sign' checkbox. Now, when you select 'Send Prescription', your login credentials and 2-Factor Authentication VIP access code will be applied to all your controlled substances in this list.


When you pass the 2-Factor Authentication check, you will see all of your controlled substances marked with a green checkmark. This indicates that the prescription has been sent to the pharmacy.


To verify that both medications were sent, you may select the 'Medication List' tab in your patients chart. Here you will be able to confirm the order status of your patient's medications.

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