BI Tools - Charge Analysis

Using the Charge Analysis Business Intelligence Tool

 The Charge Analysis BI tool allows you to understand the trends and the volumes of billed out charges. Charge Analysis displays a bar graph with a breakdown of charges by paid and unpaid amounts for both patient payments and insurance payments. Here, you can also see your average payments and the month-by-month percentage changes for total charges.



Charge Analysis also allows you to view in a month-by-month table format that summarizes numerically the information the bar graph provides. To see how these numbers are calculated, simply click on the number that you would wish to see the breakdown for. For incomplete months that have not fully elapsed, the calculation is the month-to-date sum.


 Clicking on one of the numbers reveals a table with each individual line item. The summation of all the billed, adjustment, insurance paid, and patient paid amounts calculate the totals that are seen in the bar graph.

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