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Aging AR Analysis

The age of your accounts receivable can affect how much of billed volume will be collected. Aging AR Analysis is a tool that allows a practice to investigate the volume of money that is at stake relative to how long those sums of money have remained uncollected. 

Aging AR Analysis displays a bar graph with several date ranges of AR age: 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days, and 121+ days. Several filters can be used to refine your search and understand your AR aging in greater detail.


To receive a detailed breakdown of your AR aging, the Detail tab gives you a total value of the claims bucketed under each date range, as well as the percentages of total AR that bucket represents. If viewing this page from the practice group view, this table contains a breakdown for all providers. 



Aging AR Analysis calculates the sum of all billed but uncollected charges and buckets them into date ranges. This is calculated by taking summation of line item charges that are within the bucket's date range and subtracting the total adjustment, insurance payments, and patient payments associated with those line items. As a result, the remaining figure is your accounts receivable.


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