How do I reorder my ICD-10 and CPT codes?

Reordering ICD-10 and CPT codes in the drchrono EHR

In the drchrono EHR, ICD-10 and CPT codes may be reordered on the billing details page. The billing details page can be found by clicking any page that states date of service (most billing items, clinical notes, etc), or through the 'Billing Details' button in the appointment scheduling popup.

Warning: Reordering ICD-10 codes will affect the reference on your diagnosis pointers and may cause claim rejections. 

The example that we will use is through the Live Claims Feed. Mouse over the 'Billing' tab on your navigation bar and select 'Live Claims Feed'.


In the Live Claims Feed, search for the appointment you are looking for and select the date of service on that appointment.


Selecting the date of service brings you to the Billing Details page. Your appointment's ICD-10 codes will be found in a box in the lower left hand side of the page. Your CPT codes will be located as line items at the very bottom of the page.


In the ICD-10 table, select the icon that looks like three horizontal lines. This is drchrono's universal reordering symbol. 


Selecting the reorder icon turns the red 'x' on your ICD-10 codes to change to the reordering symbol. Click and drag on those to reorder your ICD-10 codes.


Your codes will be reordered but to save your changes, you will need to hit 'Verify & Save' at the bottom of the page.


Likewise, your CPT codes will be located at the bottom of the page and can be reordered in the same way.


To save your changes, select the 'Verify & Save' button at the bottom of the page.

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