Mobile EHR App: How do I access the Timeline?

Finding the Timeline on the Mobile EHR/EMR App

Timeline is a feature that allows you to view your patient's history in chronological order. This feature is only available on the EHR/EMR app. To access the Timeline feature, you will need to have version 10.0.54 or a later update of the EHR/EMR app. If you don't know what version you have, check out our guide here

You will find the Timeline feature paired with the Face Sheet feature on the mobile app. To reach this feature, find a patient and tap on their name to reveal a navigation dropdown menu. Tap on 'Face Sheet & Timeline'.


Here, you'll see the Face Sheet. To get to the Timeline, tap the 'Timeline' option on the switch at the top of the page.


Now, you'll see your patient's history in chronological form -- this is the Timeline feature. To use Timeline, you may use the filters to the left hand side to narrow down your search while using the date boxes on the right hand side to select a date range. Once your parameters are set, use your finger to scroll up and down on Timeline to view events in your patient's history.

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