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Using Collections Analysis

Collections Analysis is a report that plots both your gross and net collections rate per month, over a period of 12 months. This allows you to examine how well your practice is collecting payments relative to total billed charges. Note that these numbers do not all adjustment, only contractual adjustments. 


Below the graph is a table with a month by month financial breakdown of your charges, payments, contractual adjustments, and your gross/net collections percentage. These percentages are calculated from these numbers, which are pulled directly from the billing codes in the billing section of each of your appointments.

Gross Percentage
(Payments received for the month / Charges entered for the month ) * 100
Net Percentage
(Payments received for the month / (Charges entered for the month - Contractual Adjustment received for the month) ) * 100 


To view the numbers that are pulled from each of your appointments, you may click on any number in the table to receive a breakdown of how that number is calculated. By clicking on each date of service, you'll be taken to the exact appointment that the number was taken from.

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