How do I use availability search?

Using Availability Search

Availability Search is a tool that helps you find free time to schedule appointments and is found in your Dashboard and the Schedule tab on your navigation bar.

To access availability search, mouse over 'Schedule' and tap on 'Availability Search' or find a condensed version on the Dashboard.


In the Availability Search page, select any combination of offices and providers that you would like to search for availabilities for. Then, either select a week or a day that you would like to search on. You may enter a time, duration, appointment profile, and exam room to specify your search. Once you select 'Find', Availability Search will look up appointments on or after the specified time with your specified parameters. 


Your results will be displayed in the table below. Results can be ordered in chronological order by clicking on the arrow symbol next to 'Date' in the table header. To schedule an appointment in a time slot, select 'Schedule Appointment' and you'll be brought to the 'New Appointment' page and you can schedule the appointment the same way you schedule appointments on the calendar page.

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