How does 2-factor authentication work in DrChrono?


2-Factor Authentication in drchrono

2-factor authentication helps secure your account by linking a mobile device to your login credentials. Your mobile device is then used to generate an authentication token which a user must enter while logging in. This adds an extra layer of security so that someone cannot simply obtain your username and password to log into your account and access your data. To use 2-Factor Authentication, you must first have completed the setup process illustrated in this guide.

Logging in with 2-Factor Authentication

STEP 1: Visit the drchrono login page at Enter your credentials and select the 'Log In' button.



STEP 2: After you enter your credentials, a page will appear asking for a two-factor authentication token. For this step, you will need your mobile phone. You will need either the Authy app installed or select the 'Request Token via SMS' button to continue.



STEP 3: On your mobile device, open the Authy app or check your text messages for an authorization code.



STEP 4: If you are using Authy, enter the seven digit code displayed on the screen. If your Authy app does not look like this page, make sure that you have linked your drchrono account to Authy and that drchrono is selected as the account on the bottom of the page.



STEP 5: Mobile logins only. If you are logging into drchrono on a mobile device, you may select the 'Copy' button to copy this code to the clipboard. This allows you to quickly paste your code into the 2-factor authentication page.



STEP 6: Type or paste in your authorization code into the 'Authy Two-Factor Token' box. Select 'Log In' to log into drchrono. 




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