EPCS FAQ: Can I prescribe controlled substances to out-of-state patients?

Laws on Out-of-State EPCS Prescriptions

Excerpt from the DEA Practitioner's Manual:

Certificate of Registration

The DEA Certificate of Registration (DEA Form 223) must be maintained at the registered location in a readily retrievable manner and kept available for official inspection.

The CSA (Controlled Substances Act) requires that a separate registration be obtained for each principal place of business or professional practice where controlled substances are manufactured, distributed, or dispensed. DEA has historically provided an exception that a practitioner who is registered at one location, but also practices at other locations, is not required to register separately for any other location at which controlled substances are only prescribed. If the practitioner maintains supplies of controlled substances, administers, or directly dispenses controlled substances at the separate location the practitioner must obtain a separate DEA registration for that location. The exception applies only to a secondary location within the same state in which the practitioner maintains his/her registration. DEA individual practitioner registrations are based on state authority to dispense or conduct research with respect to controlled substances. Since a DEA registration is based on a state license, it cannot authorize controlled substance dispensing outside that state. Hence, the separate registration exception applies only to locations within the same state in which practitioners have their DEA registrations.


drchrono and Out-of-State EPCS

The drchrono EHR abides with all DEA legal requirements and therefore requires our practitioners to abide by all state legislature in both the location the practitioner practices in and in the state the prescription is sent to. Please check each state's controlled substance enforcement authority for laws on controlled substance prescription.

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