Can I automatically send my patients appointment cancellation emails?

Sending Appointment Cancellation Notifications

Unfortunately, drchrono does not have a feature that automatically sends appointment cancellation emails to patients. However, you may manually notify your patients using the 'Send Email' or onpatient Messaging features. 


Sending Email

To send an email to your patients, you may click on 'Send Email' in the 'Patients' tab. Here you can save a template for appointment cancellations to make this process easier. However, this is not a HIPAA compliant form of communication so no Protected Health Information (PHI) may be shared. This will deliver an email to the email address the patient has on file in their chart. If your patient replies to this email, the reply will be sent to your email address. For more information, view our guide here: How do I send my patient an email?


onpatient Messaging

To send an onpatient message to your patient, you may send a message through the 'Communication' tab in your patient's chart. Your patient will receive an email notification asking them to log into their patient portal and check their messages. This is a HIPAA compliant method of communication. For more information, view our guide here: Sending Messages to Your Patient

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