Forgotten Password: How do I reset my password?


Resetting Your Password

If you are locked out of your account, you may reset your drchrono password at the login screen. For logged in users, the login screen will redirect you to either your dashboard or calendar, based on your account settings.

To change your password while logged in, please refer to this guide: How do I change my drchrono password?


STEP 1: Visit the drchrono login screen found here: Here, click on the 'Forgot Password' link.



STEP 2A: Type in the email your drchrono account is associated with.



STEP 2B: If an email was sent successfully, your page will look like this.



STEP 3: Check your email for a password reset email from drchrono. Click on the reset link provided in the email.




STEP 4: You'll be brought to a page that allows you to type in a new password. Type in your new password and type in the same password again in the 'New Password Confirmation' field. Finally, click 'Change my password' and your password will be changed.


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