How do I sync my DrChrono calendar to my Google Calendar?


Syncing Google Calendar with drchrono

The drchrono EHR allows you to sync your drchrono calendar to your Google Calendar. This feature is designed to provide a convenient way to quickly glimpse at your day's schedule but is not a replacement to the drchrono scheduling system. 


  • Due to HIPAA requirements, some appointment details are not displayed in Google Calendar. Only the office name, exam room, patient chart ID number, and appointment duration will be displayed.
  • Due to technical resource limitations, the drchrono EHR will only sync two weeks of activity.
  • Events added to Google Calendar do not sync with your drchrono calendar.

STEP 1: To set up a Google Calendar sync, view your account settings by mousing over 'Account' and selecting 'Account Settings.



STEP 2: Click on the 'Services' tab in your account settings.



STEP 3A: At the top of the page, there is a section titled 'Calendar Sync'. This section has a URL in red text. 




STEP 3B: Copy this link to your clipboard by selecting the link, right clicking the page, and selecting 'Copy'. Alternatively, highlight the text and use the hotkey CTRL+C (Windows) or COMMAND+C (Mac). 



STEP 4A: Open your Google Calendar. Find the section titled 'Other Calendars'.



STEP 4B: Click on the arrow next to 'Other Calendars' and select 'Add by URL'.



STEP 5: Paste in the URL you copied from account settings to theURL field. You can do this by right clicking on the field, then clicking 'Paste' or hitting CTRL+V (Windows) or COMMAND+V (Mac). Then, click 'Add Calendar'.



STEP 6: Now, in the 'Other Calendars' section, you will see a new calendar titled 'drchrono | Your Name'. If this calendar is active, indicated by a colored box, you will be able to see your synced drchrono appointments.



PREVIEW: To take a look at what a synced calendar will look like, see the screenshot below.



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