My printed HCFA form is not aligned.

Aligning a Shifted HCFA 1500 Print

   In DrChrono you may fill out HCFA 1500 forms by printing your claim information directly onto the blank HCFA form utilizing the HCFA 1500 (text) option.   The option in DrChrono is only configured to work with the most recent HCFA 1500 version.


  If the text does not align with the fields on the form, please check to if your printer and/or browser has the 'Fit to page' option is disabled. 

   In Google Chrome, the 'Fit to page' option is on the left-hand print settings pane that opens after you select the 'Print' button.  


  Here, make sure Fit to page is unchecked and your HCFA 1500 alignment should be resolved. If not, please check to make sure your print is configured to print A4 8.5" x 11" letter-size paper.

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