How to Run an Unallocated Payment Report


    In DrChrono, patients can have an unallocated payment amount on their account.  This would be payments that are not attached to a particular appointment.  Here is how you can run a report to see all patients with unallocated payments.


  • Navigate to Billing > Patient Payments (Beta) 



  • Select the Balance tab



  • Enter the dollar range that you would like to see.  If you would like to see all unallocated payments, you can enter 1 in the from box and leave the to box empty.  Once you have selected your dollar range, click on Update.



  • If you would like to export the report, click the Export to File button.
  • When the report has been generated, it will appear in the message center (envelope icon at the top right of the page).
  • Click Generated Sheet: Patient Payments under Incoming Messages. There you will have the option to save to the patient's chart or download the document.
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