Labs: Why can't I order from certain codes?


DrChrono & Lab Codes

Our lab system pulls test codes directly from the general Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp compendiums. Under some circumstances we also set up custom codes for LabCorp customers. Two main possibilities can cause your tests from not showing up in the DrChrono lab test dropdown:

  • Quest or LabCorp have recently conducted a conversion in your area and the test code has changed
  • Your custom test(s) weren't received, processed, or due to an error between Quest/LabCorp and DrChrono


Your tests showed up earlier but now they don't

This problem is common when either Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp issue a conversion in your area. This means some Quest and LabCorp business units were changed to meet their respective organizational needs. What it means for you is that older test codes may have been phased out and replaced with new ones. Please contact your Quest or LabCorp representative to find out if your codes have changed.  Information regarding their testing menu can also be found on each of their websites.

LabCorp Support

Quest Diagnostics Support


You have missing tests that were always missing

Our support team can look into this for you. Reach out to us at

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