Task Center: How do I create a category?


Creating Task Categories in the drchrono EHR

Creating a task category is a breeze with drchrono's task system. This functionality allows greater customization and control when assigning tasks throughout the office.  These categories organize an individual's task inbox for easier visibility to what needs to be done.  

Step 1: Once in the task center, please click the 'Edit' button on the left hand side of the screen, next to 'Categories': 


Step 2: To create a new category, simply type the name of the desired category and click '+ new category'.  You're also able to remove unwanted categories by clicking the 'Archive' button on the right side of the page:


Step 3: When assigning tasks, you have the ability to select a specific category here:


Selecting task categories keeps individual's tasks organized, as you can see here, tasks are organized by category: 



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