Task Center: How do I create a task template?


How to create a task template in the drchrono EHR

Creating and editing task templates provides offices with customized options for how the tasks will function, making life easier.  

Step 1: Please access the task center, and click on 'Edit Task Templates' towards the lower left of the page: 


Step 2: Once you're on this page, please click on the '+ Create New Template'.  Doing so will bring you here: 


As you can see, our template tool makes creating these task templates incredibly quick and easy.  Once you decide exactly which options work best for your practice, you're set. 

Step 3: After giving this template a name, default assignee, due date, priority, category, and a status, please be sure to click 'Save'.  

You're also able to 'Archive' a template.

After creating a few templates, your library will look like this: 


You're able to edit an existing template at anytime, or archive it.  


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