How do I use the MACRA/MIPS dashboard?


Using the MACRA/MIPS Dashboard

The MACRA/MIPS dashboard is designed for participating providers to get an understanding of his/her MIPS score. To find out if you are a participating provider, please visit

STEP 1: Access the dashboard by selecting Clinical > MIPS/MACRA 2017



STEP 2: Select a provider you'd like to report on.



STEP 3: Pick your reporting period type and/or pick your reporting period's starting date. For a 90-day reporting period, we'll automatically report 90 days out from your selected starting date.



STEP 4: Look into your MIPS score. Our dashboard will calculate your score based on a mix of data aggregated from your account as well as from measures you've self-attested to.Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_5.13.47_PM.png


STEP 5: Improve your score. Check out our guides on how to improve your scores in each of the three MIPS categories:

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