MIPS: How do I improve my Improvement Activities (IA) score?


Improvement Activities

Improvement activities are submitted independently of the drchrono EHR. The MACRA/MIPS dashboard can be used as a tool to help you track and calculate your current standing but may not accurately reflect your true Improvement Activities (IA) score.

IA's are self-attested. Click on the 'Claim Met' button to include that measure's point value into your final calculation. Clicking or not clicking the 'Claim Met' button will not affect your true MIPS score and is only used as a tool to help you understand how your MIPS score stands.


Improving Your IA Score

Please contact the CMS QualityNet Help Desk if you would like to know how to improve your IA score. They have a wealth of resources on how to satisfy and report IA's.

QualityNet Help Desk – 1-866-288-8912

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