eRx: How do I use the alternatives/copay/coverage pane?


Helpful Supplementary Information to Prescriptions

The alternatives/copay/coverage pane appears after selecting a medication or supply in a patient chart's "New Rx" page within the drchrono EHR. 

These may or may not be clickable depending on the medication selected and the patient's insurance plan:

  • Alternatives: Other options to the selected medication
  • Copay: Standard copay information according to the patient's insurance plan
  • Coverage: Pharmacy benefit management (PBM) information



Provides a list of alternative medications and supplies to the medication or supply selected. This will include retail prices (if available) and the formulary status (if available). A formulary status is indicated by a colored one or two character code pictured as P3 and P2 on this page. For a guide on formulary statuses, please refer to our guide here: eRx: What do the U/NF/NR/NP/PX (formulary) symbols mean?


Displays the patient's insurance information and the standard copay for this medication according to the patient's insurance plan (if available).



Displays pharmacy benefit management (PBM) information. Includes a list of flags and additional information on the selected medication.



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