MIPS: What's the 'Small, Underserved, or Rural Practice' checkbox?


MIPS Requirements for Small, Underserved, or Rural Practices

If you take a look on our MIPS/MACRA dashboard, you'll see a small checkbox titled 'Small, Underserved, or Rural Practice'. This checkbox is for a subset of providers that are eligible for a modified scoring system under MIPS. When this checkbox is selected, drchrono will automatically change the way we calculate your MIPS score. 


How do I know if I fall under a small, underserved, or rural practice? 

We'd recommend finding more through the QPP support line found at 1-866-288-8292. For state specific information please visit this link for more details: CMS: Small, underserved, rural practices


What does this mean if my practice is considered small, underserved, or rural?

If you've determined that you're a small, underserved, or rural practice, your participation and reporting burden will be reduced. This includes:

  • The ability to pick your pace. If you are included in MIPS, you will be able to pick your pace during the 2017 Transition Year, ranging from submitting a minimal amount of data, to fully reporting.
  • Low Volume Threshold for participation. If you have less than or equal to $30,000 in Medicare Part B allowed charges OR less than or equal to 100 Medicare Part B patients, you will not have to participate in MIPS.
  • 2017 Minimal Participation Requirements. This means that you will need to submit only a small amount of data to avoid a negative payment adjustment.
  • Flexible Data Requirements: Small practices, especially those in rural locations and in health professional shortage areas, are required to report only two (2) activities in the Improvement Activities performance category instead of the four (4) required for larger practices. If you are in a small practice:
    • Medium-weighted activities are worth 20 points of the total Improvement Activity performance category score
    • High-weighted activities are worth 40 points of the total Improvement Activity performance category score
  • Advancing Care Information Performance Category. You may apply to have this category reweighted to zero for the following reasons:
    • Insufficient Internet Connectivity
    • Extremely and Uncontrollable Circumstances
    • Lack of Control over the Availability of CEHRT


In the drchrono MIPS/MACRA dashboard, what this means is that your Improvement Activities score will be doubled per QPP guidelines (see Flexible Data Requirements above). Instead of having to meet two "High" scoring, four "Medium" scoring, or a combination of "High" and "Medium" scoring measures, you will only need to meet one "High" or two "Medium" measures.

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