How do I create a macro?

iPad Macros can be a great tool to help streamline your workflows and make Clinical Notes that much more efficient.  Macros can be used to auto-populate commonly used phrases or notes as well as pull patient information automatically into your Clinical Note.

1) To get started with Macros, go to Clinical > Macro buttons:  


2. To create a new Keyboard Macro, enter a description in the label field and then begin typing desired patient information in the generated text box. You may use the preset radio buttons to enter pre-populated information from the patient's chart.  Click "Save keyboard macro" to save the macro for your account.


3.  Now that you have saved your macro, you should see all of your custom macros listed on the left side of the Macros page.  You can re-organize your macros by clicking and dragging them in the order you'd like them to appear on your iPad:

4. While on the iPad: when writing a clinical note, any free text fields will allow you to select a custom macro on your iPad.  Selecting a macro will automatically pull in your text:


5.  To delete a Macro: From the web go to Clinical > Macro Buttons select your Macro, and click "Delete this macro."


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