How can I enter in an official practice name and have that reflected in my clinical notes?


1.  To enter your official practice name, first go to Account > Settings > Medical Billing:

2.  In the third field, titled "Practice Official Name," enter in your desired name:

3.  To include this name on Patient Statements, about 3/4 down the same page, make sure the box is checked next to "Patient Statements: Use the Practice Official Name (if available) for addresses/billing."

4.  Next, move over to the "General Settings" tab to make sure the official name is reflected in the Clinical Note:

5.  Scroll down to the "Clinical Notes" section, and check the box next to "Include Practice Official Name in Header"

6.  Make sure to click "Update Entire Profile" at the bottom of the page to save your profile.

7.  Now, when I log in on my iPad to write a clinical note, when I click "View Complete Note," I can see my official practice name (Dunedain) in the header:

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