onpatient Basics

Our patient portal, onpatient, allows patients to take control of their own health.  Enabling online scheduling, access to health information, and secure messaging, onpatient is a game changer when it comes to patient satisfaction.

Enabling your patients is simple with an email address, and from there onpatient provider several key features for you and your patients:

1. Secure Messaging

Once a patient has signed up for onpatient, they have the ability to send and receive messages to and from his/her provider:

Now, when I log in to drchrono as a doctor or staff, I can see the message from Michael, reply, make notes, view his chart, upload the document, and even assign it as a task to another member of my organization:

2. Online Scheduling

Using onpatient, patients can schedule appointments directly with my office as long as that office is enabled for online scheduling.  As the patient, I can log in, select an available time slot, and schedule my appointment.  Once I select a time, I am required to input a Reason for Visit before scheduling:

The patient will receive an email confirmation of the appointment, and my office staff can now view and edit the appointment on the schedule using drchrono:

3. Intake and consent forms

From onpatient.com or from the onpatient app, a patient can log in and update forms for upcoming appointments:

The patient can then update demographic information, patient photo, medical history, reasons for visit, additional questionnaires, and even sign consent forms, reducing in-office paperwork and increasing efficiency:

4. Electronic Health Information

Once an appointment is complete, the patient can log onto onpatient and view the health information from the visit as well as download a clinical summary with medications, allergies, and lab results, keeping the patients informed and in control of their personal health.  

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