How do I edit user account permissions?

drchrono allows you to customize what users can, and can not do in their accounts. By allowing you to set permissions for specific accounts you can be confident that only the people you deem appropriate with be handling those important tasks within your practice.  

When signed into your admin account there are many ways to setup, and use permissions within drchrono. There are 5 different options to choose from when you are in the permission administration page, but only the first 3 of them are editable. Those options are as follows, Providers, Staff, Roles, Permissions, and Permission Grid.  

Provider - You are able to edit the permissions for the providers that are in your practice from this page. 

Staff - You are able to edit the permissions for you current staff within your practice from this page. 

Roles - With roles you are able to edit permissions for the specific roles within drchrono. Currently there are 5 default roles in drchrono and those are Billing Staff, Nurse, Office Manager, Provider, and Staff. By customizing these roles permissions you will be able to simply select the role most appropriate for your staff members, and it will automatically set those permissions for you. This is quite time saving when you are adding multiple staff members at once. 

Permissions - This is the list of permissions you have to choose from, and their definition.

Permission Grid - This shows you an overview of your staff and the permissions they are each given.  

Please see screen shots below. If you would like to watch a video explaining this click here

Click here to jump to the permissions page.

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