How do I edit user/staff account permissions?


DrChrono allows you to customize what users are able to access. You can restrict/allow access to certain aspects of the software through the staff permissions function under Account Staff Permissions


First, go to Account Staff Permissions


To edit permissions for any user, clickView to the right of their name.  If you need to edit staff permissions, be sure the Staff tab is selected.  


Once you have selected the user and clicked View, click Edit Permissions



After clicking Edit Permissions, check or uncheck the permissions you would like to add or remove. If you hover over the i you can see a short description of what the permission allows access to. You can also find this information under the Permissions tab.  Once you have completed the process, click Save Permissions




Permissions can also be assigned based on Roles.  Roles are preassigned permissions based on the day-to-day functions a staff member.  

Click on the Roles tab.  Click View to see the permissions associated with a role.  If you would like to create your own sent of permissions for a role, click + Add Role.  This will allow you to assign the custom role to users in your account.  


You can always edit a users permissions using the first steps in this article.  Once a users role is changed, their role will be 'custom'.  


The Permission Grid tab gives you a quick overview of the permissions users have or do not have.  You can then follow the steps at the beginning to add or remove permissions. 



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