How Do I Color Code An Appointment?


1.  To color code an individual appointment, first open up the appointment window by selecting an appointment from the schedule or clicking "New Event"


2.  Once you have opened up the appointment window, find the "Color" field on the right half of the page and click the color wheel:


3.  Select your color and click "Save" to save the appointment with the new color.  Now, when you go back to your schedule, you can see the color reflected in your calendar.



4.  If you know the color you want to use, you can simply type the name into the "Color" field back in the appointment window without opening up the color wheel.  I'll use "blue" in this example:


5.  Again, after you save the appointment, you can see the color reflected on the calendar:


FYI: You can also set a Default Appointment Color or set colors for specific types of appointments using Appointment Profiles.




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