How do I set up 2-factor authentication in my account?


What is 2-Factor Authentication?

2-factor authentication is a security measure that safeguards your account against the event your login credentials become compromised. With 2-factor authentication, your mobile device becomes linked to your login credentials and is used to generate or receive an authentication token which a user must enter while logging in. This adds an extra layer of security so that a malicious user must obtain both your login credentials and access to your mobile device in order to access your account.

Two-factor authentication is available on all plan types for both provider and staff accounts in drchrono.

Setting Up 2-Factor Authentication in drchrono

We’ve partnered with Authy to provide 2-factor authentication in drchrono. When you create an account in drchrono, an Authy account will also be created and linked to your drchrono account. With our Authy integration, you have two options for 2-factor authentication.

  • A rotating authentication code via the free Authy app, synced with your drchrono account (Recommended, more secure)
  • Non-expiring authentication code via SMS (Not recommended, less secure).

STEP 1: To set up 2-factor authentication, access your account settings (Account > Account Settings).



STEP 2: In your account settings, make sure that you have a cell phone number entered in the 'Profile' tab. If you do not have a cell phone entered, type in your cell phone number and click 'Update Entire Profile' at the bottom of the page.




STEP 3: After entering your phone number, click on the 'Update Entire Profile' button at the bottom of the page.



STEP 4: To set up 2-factor authentication, select the 'Security' tab. In the fields below, your email address and cell phone will be displayed according to information you entered on the 'Profile' tab. Verify this information, type in your drchrono password, and select 'Enable Authy'



STEP 5: At this point, 2-factor authentication will be enabled on your account but configured to receive non-expiring authorization tokens via SMS, which do not provide a high degree of security. We highly recommend downloading the Authy app, which produces time-sensitive tokens. Download the Authy app on your mobile device by clicking either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store buttons on the page. 


Setting Up the Authy App

STEP 1: To set up Authy with drchrono, open the Authy app on your mobile device.



STEP 2: In your Authy app, you'll be prompted to enter a phone number. Enter the cell phone number associated with your drchrono account. 



STEP 3: Authy will then ask you to verify your phone number via SMS or Phone Call. Select an option and you will receive a verification code from Authy which you may enter in the app. Once you verify your phone number, Authy will automatically search for your drchrono account and sync your Authy app with drchrono.



STEP 4: In the next step, you will also be prompted to set up a backups password. We highly recommend this step to prevent lockouts in the event your phone is broken, lost, or stolen. Once you finish this step, the setup process will be completed. This password is associated with your Authy account and does not need to be your drchrono password.



STEP 5: In your Authy app, you will now see drchrono as one of your Authy accounts. When you select drchrono from your list of accounts, you will see a seven digit code on the display. When you log into drchrono, you will be prompted for an authorization token. Enter this code to log in to your account. To see the log in process in more detail, see our guide here: How does 2-factor authentication work in drchrono?




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