Printing Your Clinical Notes


Providers are able to print all of the clinical notes for a particular patient or group of patients based on criteria available in the Clinical Notes section of the software. Follow the steps below to generate a message in your Message Center with the clinical notes available to download and print.

Generating a Printable PDF

To begin, mouse over the 'Clinical' tab in your navigation bar and select 'Clinical Notes'.


You'll be presented with Clinical Notes Reporting tool. Select any of the offices, physicians, patient, keyword, and/or date range you wish to find clinical notes for and select 'Refresh' to view the notes with the specified criteria.

When the list of notes is loaded, select the 'Print non-blank Clinical Notes in Report' button. 


You'll be brought to a page that will display the following message:

To view your report, you may click on the blue 'Message Center' link or click on the message center icon (the mail symbol) on the right-hand corner.

Viewing, Downloading and/or Printing Your Clinical Notes PDF

After generating your PDF report with your clinical notes, the PDF will be sent to your message center. In your message center, you should have a message from drchrono with the title 'Generated PDF: soapnotes_date_range.pdf'. Click on this message to view your PDF.

When you click on a message with a PDF, the PDF attachment will be displayed in the drchrono PDF viewer. Here you can save the attachment to a patient chart, view the document, generate an audit log, add notes, and rotate pages.

To download, select the download button on the PDF preview (the middle button). 

To print, select the print button on the PDF preview (the right most button).


After selecting print, your printer's print settings popup will appear. Select your desired settings and hit print to print the report with all your clinical notes.



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  • Avatar
    Larry Elliott

    Thank you. i have not tried it (or tested my ability to execute) but i am looking forward to trying this.


  • Avatar
    Michael Pierce

    There is a "print" button on the iPad EHR, but it doesn't "find" my printer...and there doesn't seem to be a way to add it...

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Gould


    in case you did not have this one

    go to Clinical Notes

    choose the date range and patient name and refresh (sometimes the name disappears after refresh and you have to filter again)

    once you have the list of notes you want to print select "Print non-Blank Clinical Notes"  (upper right)

    A "message" will be sent to you in your message box that contains a PDF of the selected notes, you can open the pdf and print it.

    much faster than printing each one

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