How do I keep a patient's insurance history?

Historical insurance information may be used to bill correctly for old appointments. Appointments are automatically tied to the insurance that was active at the time of the appointment.

WARNING: When you edit a patient's current insurance information, the old information is NOT automatically archived. You must first archive the current information, then edit the information.

Please follow the below instruction to update the insurance information in the insurance history:

1. Hover over the 'Patients' and choose 'Patient List'


2. Search for the patient's chart by entering the 'Patient name or Chart ID' in the Patient search field.

3. In the patient demographics, click on the 'Insurance' section and then you will need to click on 'Manage Alternative Insurances & History'.

4. In the Insurance history section, click on '+ History' to add the old insurance to the history section. You will need to choose the Start date/End date, any appointment schedule within this date range will be listed under this insurance.

5. Once you add the old insurance to the history section, click on '+ Primary Ins, + Secondary Ins, + Auto Accident Ins, + Worker's Comp Ins & + DME Ins' to add the new insurance information to the insurance section.

Once you add the insurance to the insurance history, the appointment will be billed based on the date that is given in the history section.

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