How Do We Set The Place Of Service (POS) on claims?


The place of service is set per office.  By selecting the correct office when creating the appointment, the system will pull the correct place of service (POS) code on your claim.  You can have multiple offices set up (office, tele-health, etc).

Follow the below instructions to set the place of service (POS) that you are billing to the insurance company:

1. Hover over Account and choose Offices from the dropdown.


2. In the Manage offices, you will find all Active offices listed. The numbers listed below the Facility code column are the place of service.


3.  To update the POS code for an existing office, click on Edit on the right that corresponds to the office you would like to update.  Click on the blue billing tab.  The POS code will be listed on the 2nd line under Facility Code.  The drop down will give you available options.





4.  To set up a new office, just click on the green add new office button on the right and follow the steps above.


**Note ** 

 If you are seeing patients in a location other than where you receive payment (nursing home, assisted living, etc), please refer to this help desk article to set the billing provider information in box 33 correctly.

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