How Do I Share or Give/Get A Template From Another Provider?

In order to give or receive a template, you will first need to share the template.  You can share templates with other providers and colleagues outside of a practice group by going to Clinical> Builder> There are some sharing options located at the bottom (please see screenshot.)  Select 'Email' and it will send a link of the template to any recipient you choose by providing their email address.  


They will be sent an email with a link that will prompt them to copy the template (please see example of email below.)  A new window will open and a copy of the template will appear in their 'Custom' tab of the Clinical> Builder.  


Once you can view the template in the new window, be sure to save the template as soon as possible so it doesn't get erased.

You can also share your templates with our library so other providers within the same speciality can view and use your templates.  You can also share templates via Facebook or Twitter.

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