How Long Until I am Approved to Submit Claims?


What determines a payer’s turn-around-time for EDI submissions?

Each payer determines their own turn-around-time (TAT) based on their internal processes and
requirements.  This time is to be used as a guide as each payer’s processing time may
change based on their current processing volume.  TATs can vary from immediate to several weeks for government payers (Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare).  


To ensure that your application is processed as efficiently as possible, please make sure to include all requested documents and fill in all required fields.  For governmental payers, please make sure that the authorized person (as mentioned on your credentialing paperwork) is the one who signs the enrollment forms.  Any other signature will cause your application to be rejected.


While you are waiting for approval, it might be helpful to create a custom billing status and hold your claims there.  When you receive approval, you will be able to bulk submit them to the clearinghouse.

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