Setting up EDI Enrollments (Video)

Our Apollo and Apollo Plus customers benefit from electronic claim submission and getting set up is made simple with our internal tool. Follow the steps in the following video to get set up.

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    Mr. David Boley

    I called to bug Emdeon and learned that in order for my claims to stop being rejected, I was supposed to call them and report the approval. Who knew? So happy this phone number is listed here!!

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    W. Derrick Moody

    My question was not regarding enrollment with Emdeon. I asked for steps for posting payments from insurance remittance Advice (hard copy not EFT). Please help. Thanks.

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    Julia D. Rodgers

    Is anyone going to answer the question of W. Derrick Moody about:  steps for posting payments from insurance remittance Advice (hard copy not EFT)?

    Are there no written steps for this (I searched in the FAQ) because the electronic payments are so frequent someone forgot that paper EOBs still exist?

    I look forward to the information.

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    Samantha Alvarez

    Julia, This is how I add a paper EOB:

    Go to Live claims feed and enter the patient name.  Click on the date of service or just in the box.  find the line item that you wish to pay and hit the green plus sign.  A new line will appear and simply enter in the info.  Hit verify and Save and it should be good.  I am not affiliated with DrC, but just another user.

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