Sending Email Through drchrono

Please keep in mind that all emails sent through drchrono are not HIPAA compliant. If you wish to send an email that fits within the HIPAA guidelines please use the onPatient email portal.

1. Go to Patient > Send Email

2. Write out your email. The section on the right gives you a preview of the email.

3. drchrono allows you to send your emails to individual patients, patient groups, or all of your patients. 

a. To send your email to individual patients type in the patient name in the search bar and select the desired patient.

b. To send your email to a Patient Group type in the Patient Group name and select the desired group.

c. To send your email to all of your patients check the "Send to All Patients" box.

4. After you've written your email and selected who you want the email sent to hit the blue "Send Message" button. drchrono will ask you to confirm your message. Hit "OK" to send your message.

5. You will be redirected to this page informing you that the emails are in the process of being sent. A copy of that email will also be sent to your personal mail. After this point you don't have to worry, drchrono will make sure your emails are sent to your patients.

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