Why use DrChrono billing?


DrChrono's billing will give you remarkable savings on your employee cost and worry-free billing services you can rely on.

When on DrChrono's Apollo and Apollo Plus plans you have the added bonus of working with our expert team of certified CPC/CPC-H billing team. They will be able to take care of all your billing needs, freeing you up to focus on the most important aspect of being a doctor, your patients.

Both Apollo and Apollo Plus plans will benefit from:

1. Eliminate need for paper/Go green - Appointment schedulers integrated in the #1 rated EHR on the market, helps to reduce any unwanted paper work and labor hours.

2.) All in one - electronic claims, electronic patient statements, patient payments, enrollments, and credentialing. You name it we have it!

3.) With just a click away you have multiple dashboards through drchrono's reporting to find out all your billing statuses, with a dynamic, user friendly interface.

For our Apollo Plus customers, additionally you will receive complete revenue cycle management.

* Multi-specialty - Be it any of the specialties, with thorough industry knowledge, drchrono coders are here to support, and to notify your coding related work.

* Proactive denials management - The team consists of certified billers and a expert panel to reduce denials and trend it to effectively produce a faster reimbursement turn around time.

* Active listeners and organized communicators - The important aspect of all is communication. Regular, scheduled frequent meetings help you to know the progress of your claims, and allows physicians to focus on their patients, not worrying about managing the revenue aspect of the business.

Whether you choose between our Apollo Plan and Apollo Plus plan drchrono is ready to tackle all of your billing needs.

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