Creating and Managing Patient Statements

Patient Statements in drchrono

On drchrono's Apollo or Apollo+ plan, you have the ability to send and manage your patient statements through the 'Patient Statements' page.


To access your patient statements, mouse over 'Billing' on your drchrono navigation bar and select 'Patient Statements'.


Once you select 'Patient Statements', you'll be taken to the Patient Statements page.

To begin, select what type of patients you will be using: Active Patients or All Patients.


Specify what results you are looking for with the following search/filter options.

  • Patient: The patient's name. Fill out this field if you are looking for a specific patient.
  • Patient Group: Search for patients that fall within a certain patient group (Patients > Patient Groups) 
  • Patient Flags: Search for patients that have a certain patient flag (Patients > Patient Flags) 
  • Include/Exclude: For the flag field, you can choose include/exclude to include/exclude results with certain patient flags.
  • Statement ID: If you know the statement ID of the statement you are searching for, you may enter that here.
  • Last Statement Printed: The last time a statement was issued to the customer. Your options for search are as follows:
    • 30+ Days
    • 60+ Days
    • 90+ Days
    • 6+ Months
    • 1+ Years
  • Include Patient with Zero Balance: Include patients who have paid off their balance.
  • Balance Range: Search for a certain balance range.


Below the search options, you have the statement modifiers and actions.

  • Statement Due Date: Insert a due date for your patient on the statement.
  • Include Note in Statement: Insert a note on the statement.
  • Include a Summary with Balance for Each Provider: Add a balance breakdown for each provider.


To view your changes or just to preview the statement before printing them, select 'Preview' to the right of your patient in the results.

Once you select 'Preview', you'll be presented with your patient statement in the form of a PDF.

Note: At the bottom of the statement there is a line titled Accepted Credit Cards. To change the credit cards listed there, go to Account > Settings > Billing > Patient Statement > Credit Card Accepted and select or unselect the cards you would like to appear in this section.

If you would like to print your statements or have drchrono send your statements for you, first select your the patients you would like to send statements to, then select Print PDF or Mail Statements in the Actions menu. If you select 'Mail Statements', Emdeon or Trizetto will mail your statements for you at the cost of $0.70 per statement. Likewise, you can print/mail transactions and produce an itemized statement or a CSV file for each patient.

Patient statements can be automatically sent to your patient's onpatient account. If you would like to enable that feature, follow the guide found here.

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