How can I learn about drchrono's newest features?

drchrono is constantly coming out with new features and functionality.  There are a few places you can go within drchrono to find information about the features as they are released:

Option 1:

1.  Find the bulb icon on your toolbar at the top of drchrono's website:

2.  Clicking this icon will take you to our New Feature page, where you can quickly glance at new features as they are released:

3. Clicking "Read" will open a new page and take you to that specific post on drchrono's blog, which contains more detailed information about new features including videos and more in-depth tutorials on how to use them:

Option 2:

1. From the website, go to Help > New Features:

2.  This will open up our blog on a new page, showing all posts with a category of "New Features"

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