Where can I change my credit card information?

drchrono has a safe easy solution for adding and changing your credit card information. If you are new to drchrono simply follow the steps below for adding a new credit card. You are able to change this card at any time. When the time comes to change the Payment Information simply follow the same steps! 

Steps for adding and changing Payment Information:

  1. Log in to drchrono.com
  2. With your mouse, hover over "Account"
  3. Select "Doctor Settings"
  4. Select "Payment Info" from the Account Settings" tab
  5. Whether it's your first time or you're interested in changing your payment info, click "Update"
  6. Enter your credit card information
  7. Click "Update Credit Card Info"
  8. Click "Update Entire Profile" to save

Voilà! Your new payment info is set! 

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