How do I upload a document to a patient file?

In just a few easy steps drchrono give you the option to upload personalized documents to a specific patient file. What if a patient sends you a file and you'd like to attach it to their chart? It's the same process. Please follow the steps below how to do this. 

1.) Log into your drchrono account

2.) Hover your cursor over the 'Patients' tab in your menu bar, and choose 'Patient List' from the drop down menu. 

3.) Select a patient from the list. 

4.) Select 'Documents' from the side menu. 

5.) You are given two options to choose from to upload a document. You are able to click on '+Add File' to bring up a window that allows you to navigate to the file you would like to upload, or you have the option to drag and drop the file into the box on the screen.

6.) Once you have selected the document you want to upload to the patient file click on the blue button that says 'Upload Files'.

7.) Once you have successfully uploaded the document you will see it show up under 'Uploaded Documents' at the bottom of the page. 

Thats it! You now able to refer back to this document on both drchrono platforms. Click here to return to your patient list. 

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