How do I upload a document to a patient file?


Uploading Documents to Patient Charts

DrChrono gives you the option to upload any file to a patient chart. All file formats are supported for upload but we maintain a maximum upload limit of 100MB per document.

Uploading a File

1. Open a patient chart by searching for a patient in the navigation Search bar or through Patients > Patient List



2. Once in the chart Select Documents from the side menu. 



3. You are given two options to choose from to upload a document.

You can click on Select Files to Upload to bring up a window that allows you to navigate to the file you would like to upload, or you have the option to drag and drop the file into the box on the screen.



4. Once you have selected the document you want to upload to the patient file click on the blue button that says Upload Files.



5. After uploading the document(s), they will appear under Uploaded Documents at the bottom of the page. 


NOTE: If you upload a file that is greater in size than 100MB you, an error will be displayed:


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