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drchrono works together with Box, a cloud content management leader, to give healthcare practitioners the ability to save, access and share medical documents and images in a platform that supports HIPAA compliance.  The integration, which is called "drchrono Box Sync," can sync an office’s medical records across the two cloud services, giving doctors secure “anywhere access” to patient info and facilitate information sharing with patients.

Providers can sync uploaded documents and locked clinical notes stored in drchrono patient charts to their own Box account using the “drchrono Box Sync” integration. With “drchrono Box Sync,” you can take advantage of Box’s secure cloud content management platform from within drchrono to: 

  • Store, access, and share files internally and with your patients, such as lab reports, dictated notes and large medical videos and images
  • Increase your practice’s productivity by enabling access to your files from any mobile device – thereby saving time and creating the ability to see more patients
  • Coordinate care across medical teams by sharing content and allowing other authorized clinicians to preview, download and share comments on medical documents and images

Note: Only signed & locked clinical notes will be synced to Box.

Using drchrono & Box

Box applies a consistent set of security and privacy controls across its entire platform, which applies to all Box account types (Personal, Starter, Business, Enterprise, and Elite). Covered Entities and Business Associates need to use Enterprise or Elite accounts to take advantage of Box’s full suite of privacy and security controls that are integral to meeting HIPAA compliance. Box will sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements where applicable. If you already have a Box account for your practice or for personal use, Box recommends you keep that account separate from the account linked to drchrono for storing practice data.

* You first will need to setup a Box account, which you can do by going to and signing up for an account. You are given 10 gigabytes of free storage. If more is required depending on the amount of storage needed you might have to pay a monthly fee, but 10 gigabytes is usually enough. 

Please Note: Box has the same security across all of their accounts including the free account, but to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant you will need a BAA agreement signed from Box's legal department. "A signed BAA should be in place between Box and the customer prior to storing any Protected Health Information (PHI) on Box".

In order to do this you will need an enterprise, or elite subscription. This will we be at an additional cost to you. To learn more about Box, and their HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements please click here.  


Once you have created your box account, follow these steps to configure your sync settings. Please see the screenshots below for additional guidance:

1. Click on the 'Account' tab in your menu bar

2.Click on 'Account Settings' from the drop down list

3. Navigate to the 'Services' tab

4. This will prompt you to sign in with your box account. If you need directions on how to sign up for box please read this article.

5. drchrono will prompt you to grant access to box. You will need to do this in order for box to sync with drchrono.

Once you have signed in and linked your account you will need to set your "Syncing strategy for patient data" option to either "sync all patient files" (to automatically sync each patient) or "selected patient files" (to manually sync each patient).

There is also the option to sync all of your locked clinical notes. If you select this option, the syncing of the locked clinical notes will follow your selected patient data syncing strategy (i.e. if you have chosen the "sync all patient files" option, all locked clinical notes will also automatically sync. If you have chosen the "selected patient files" option, only the locked clinical notes for the manually selected patients will sync to your box account).

Click on "Update Entire Profile." This completes the box syncing setup process.


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