Core 10: Clinical Quality Measures

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Providers must report on 6 total Clinical Quality Measures (see more info below)

Report ambulatory clinical quality measures to CMS

Objective change for Stage 1, 2014

Beginning in 2014, there will no longer be a separate objective for reporting ambulatory or hospital clinical quality measures as a part of meaningful use. It is important to note, however, that Eps, eligible  hospitals, CAHs will still be required to report on clinical quality measures in order to achieve meaningful use. CMS is simply removing the standalone objective that requires providers to attest that they plan to report on clinical quality measures because it is redundant. 

Successfully report to CMS ambulatory clinical quality measures selected by CMS in the manner specified by CMS

No exclusion

More info:

For CORE Requirement #10, providers must report on 6 clinical quality measures of the 10 measures which drchrono has been certified for.  Particularly, EPs (Eligible Providers) must report on 3 core CQMs and 3 additional CQMs and, if the denominator of 1 or more of the required core measures is 0, then EPs are required to report results for up to 3 alternate core measures. 

It is acceptable to have a '0' denominator provided the EP does not have an applicable population.

In sum, EPs must report on 6 total measures: 3 required core measures (substituting alternate core measures where necessary) and 3 additional measures. A maximum of 9 measures would be reported if the EP needed to attest to the 3 required core, the three alternate core, and the 3 additional measures.

How to (website)

1. Navigate to Clinical > PQRI

2. From this report, you can calculate Core measures, Alternate Core measures (when Core is not applicable), and Additional measures:

3. Use the following links to help with the actual submission process after calculating the measures:

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