Core 13: Clinical Summaries

Provide clinical summaries for patients for each visit

Clinical summaries provided to patients for more than 50 percent of all office visits within 3 business days

Any EP who has no office visits during the EHR reporting period 

For Additional information from the CMS regarding Stage 1 Clinical Summaries click here.

How to (Website)

Enable access to onpatient for all your patients, and every patient with an email address recorded will automatically receive their health information. This is a very good reason to have an email address on file for all your patient records 


Step 1: To ensure this setting is defaulted, go to Account > Settings > General Tab

Step 2: Scroll down to the Meaningful Use section and check the box that says Automatically send emails to patients with link to Patient Portal after next visit. Be sure to click on Update Entire Profile at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Please Note:

This sends the onpatient link AFTER their next appointment. If you only see them once during the reporting period you will have to manually invite them to onpatient.

The patient is not required to create an account and sign on to meet this measure. By sending the link after the visit you have met this measure.

If onpatient is already enabled for the patient there are no additional steps to be taken.

To learn how to invite all of your patients to onpatient at one time click here.

How to manually invite patients (Website)

Step 1: Search for the patient using the spotlight search, or through the Patient List. 

Step 2: From the Patient Access section of the patients chart click on Enable Patient Access




Please Note:
Our Meaningful Use report will only count those sent electronically, but you can still meet the objective by printing out a hard copy and providing this to the patient. If you keep track of your paper clinical summaries, you can still mark Met on the report and attest to CMS that you met this requirement.

How to (Manually meet Measure) 

Step 1: Search for the patient using the spotlight search, or through the Patient List. 

Step 2: From the Clinical Dashboard section of the patients chart click on the Clinical Summary button in the upper right hand corner of the window > Select Download PDF from the drop down list. Once downloaded you will be able to print that out and provide it to the patient. 



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