How do I set my iPad PIN?


DrChrono offers a number of ways to secure your account information, one of which is allowing you to set a 4-digit PIN for your iPad. This allows you to step away from your iPad and know that your data and patient data is secure. 

To set up your 4-digit PIN for logging into your iPad, you can do this from the website by following the below steps. 

1.) Login to your DrChrono account by going to and selecting the 'Log in' button at the top right of your screen. From there type in your username and password in the provided fields. If you have not already set up a user account with DrChrono you can do so by again going to and following the steps on the welcome page. 

2.) Hover your cursor over the 'Accounts' tab in your menu bar.

3.) Select 'Account Settings' from the drop-down list.

4.) You will see 'DrChrono PIN' in the fields shown under the 'Profile' section. Please enter in the 4-digit numeric PIN of your choosing.

5.) Select the 'Update Entire Profile' button at the bottom of the page. This will update your profile and you will now be able to use your 4-digit numeric PIN to login to your iPad instead of having to type in your username and password each time. 

Please note: DrChrono will never ask for your password at any time, if you would like to change your PIN via the EHR Web you will need to do so from your account by following the below steps.









If you want to change or view your PIN, and you are currently logged into your iPad you can do so by following the below steps.

1.) From within the DrChrono EHR application select 'Account' located at the bottom right of the menu bar

2.) From this screen, there will be an option to View or Change PIN

3. Make your selection and follow the prompts (if required)


Please see below screenshot:



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