How to turn on and turn off your sample data


The “Sample Data” option in drchrono is a great way to familiarize yourself with the drchrono solution before uploading your actual patient data. Below are the instructions for enabling and disabling sample patient data in your drchrono account:

1.) Log in to your account using the web interface.  Hover your cursor over the ‘Account’ tab in your menu bar.

2.) Select ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu.

3.) Click ‘Account Settings’. On this page, you will see a menu bar appear that displays options such as ‘Profile’, ‘General’, etc. will be available. At the end of the menu bar is ‘Sample Data’.

4.) Select ‘Sample Data’

5.) You have the option of turning on and off the sample data and the sample data for Meaningful Use.

6.) To save changes to your profile, click "Update Entire Profile".



When you are ready to upload your patient data, simply turn off the sample patient data and upload your patient data.   Learn more about uploading your patient data here.

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