How do I get started?

For your first attestation, you will report over a 90 day period, also known as your "Reporting Period." Over those 90 days, you can use drchrono's reports and concurrent tools to track progress and make sure that you meet minimum thresholds for each objective before attesting.

You should begin your Reporting Period after you understand the objectives you are going to attest to and are confident that you can meet those objectives for 90 days.  There will always be some adjusting and learning along the way, but we recommend that you are comfortable with drchrono's MU tools and knowledgable about the objectives before diving in.  

That said, we make it as easy as possible to track progress, make adjustments, and confidently attest at the end of your Reporting Period to receive maximum incentive payments.

To learn more about the registration and attestation process, take a look at CMS's "EP Attestation User Guide" for step-by-step instructions.

Note: To receive payments for 2013, your reporting period would need to begin before October 1, 2013.  
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